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Making great food - cooked and served with feeling - an important part of life while learning

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Our absolute priority is to bring fresh, nutritious, good quality food to our young customers, in a form they will enjoy.

To make food a truly positive part of their education. Not just a daily necessity but a healthy pleasure that is a key to wellbeing, a boost to performance, a service at the heart of the school or college community. And tailored to match the individual character of each establishment.

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Good Food
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We take great care to buy our food from the best producers and suppliers. Suppliers undergo a vetting process which is designed to ensure high standards of quality, health and safety and food safety are met.

We are committed to sourcing food regionally and locally wherever possible and we give preference to fresh ingredients in season. Both measures enable us to make the most of British food and also minimise the energy used in its production, transport and refrigeration.

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To fully understand the preferences of our schools and the facilities available and make sure the food we provide can be tailored to pupils needs.